As a result of America’s involvement in World War II, U.S. manufacturers had become extremely efficient in the production of war machines, products, and goods by 1943. That year, the Food Rationing Program was in full swing, with canned food, meat, cheese, butter, and cooking oils limited for purchase. But while many people sacrificed material goods, employment increased immensely, with women playing a large role in manufacturing as part of the war effort.

For entertainment and to fill empty ballparks, the All-American Girls Baseball League was created in 1943. Also that year, the Pentagon building was completed, the Golden Globe Awards were created, and the popular children’s toy Slinky was invented.

In December 1943, the Great Depression officially ended.

Advertisements in 1943 encouraged Americans to join and support the war effort. Large machines, ships, and trucks were popular visuals. Unification and work were common themes. Optimistic post-war messaging also was prominent in many ads.

Here is a selection of advertisements that appeared in HPAC Engineering, then called Heating, Piping and Air Conditioning, in 1943.