With the United States still suffering from the effects of the Depression, 1936 was a year of unemployment, struggle, and war. Americans looking for work continued to travel west to California. Killer tornadoes struck several states, causing much death and destruction. Overseas, Germany broke the Treaty of Versailles, creating an alliance with Italy and Japan. Amid the struggles, America saw triumph, as Jesse Owens medaled gold in four track-and-field events at the Summer Olympics in Berlin, defying Hitler’s racial claims.

American advertising followed the trend of bold headlines and busy pages, leaving little white space and excessive copy. Multiple images were used to best capture viewer attention and illustrate advertising arguments.

Here is a sampling of the advertisements that appeared in HPAC Engineering, then called Heating, Piping and Air Conditioning, in 1936.


Byers Genuine Wrought Iron Products

Byers Genuine Wrought Iron Products ad from the January 1936 issue of Heating Piping and Air Conditioning.