Five years after Black Tuesday, the United States and the rest of the world were still suffering the consequences of the Great Depression. Evil loomed on the world scale; Adolf Hitler had taken control of Germany's presidency, the Lindbergh kidnapping scandal gripped the nation, and riots threatened Paris. However, not all was bad, as we also saw signs of positivity, such as TWA offering commercial service flights coast-to-coast in 18 hours, Franklin Delano Roosevelt setting objectives of the New Deal, and the creation of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Take a look back in time to one of the most tumultuous, intriguing times in U.S. and world history through the eyes of HPAC Engineering magazine, then called Heating Piping and Air Conditioning, which was in its sixth year of existence.

Crane Co.

Crane Co. ad from the March 1934 issue of Heating Piping and Air Conditioning.