Charles Eley, FAIA, is an architect, mechanical engineer, and author with 40 years of experience in energy-efficient and sustainable design. His latest book is “Design Professional’s Guide to Zero Net Energy Buildings” (Island Press, 2016). During his career, he has made significant contributions to various energy standards, developed energy-analysis software, and consulted on landmark energy-efficient buildings.

​Shanti Pless is a senior engineer with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). He manages the Whole Buildings Systems Integration section of the NREL’s Commercial Buildings Research Group and is leading the development of the next round of ASHRAE’s Advanced Energy Design Guides. In 2013, he was awarded an ASHRAE Technology Award for the NREL’s large-scale zero-energy Research Support Facility (RSF).

Paul Torcellini, PhD, PE, is the principal engineer for the NREL’s Commercial Buildings Research Group and an associate professor in sustainable energy at Eastern Connecticut State University. The author or co-author of numerous papers on zero-energy and low-energy buildings, he was instrumental in creating the process that enabled the RSF’s achievement of zero-energy-building status.