HPAC Engineering will present "Monitoring VOCs for Improved IAQ and Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings," a free Webinar sponsored by Honeywell.

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can take the form of odors, flammable gas vapors and particulates, and other respiratory hazards that can undermine the health of a building and its occupants. Attendees of this Webinar will learn how to monitor and combat VOCs using the latest touchscreen technology, multisensing instrumentation (including temperature and humidity), and more. Benefits to be gained include practical guidance through best-case examples and the latest information on VOC monitoring to:

• Avoid sick building syndrome

• Cut ventilation costs. 

• Meet new and impending regulations. 

• Achieve LEED accreditation.

• Simplify maintenance tasks.

The presenters will be Don Olson, senior product manager, Honeywell Analytics, and Thomas Aiken, head of marketing and business development, AppliedSensor Inc.

To register for the Webinar, go to http://hpac.com/webinar/monitoring-vocs-improved-iaq-and-energy-efficiency-commercial-buildings.