“Out of sight, out of mind”—the idea that something easily is forgotten or dismissed as unimportant if not in our direct view. For building owners and operators, it often applies to equipment located on roofs, equipment such as evaporative-cooling products and package units.

HPAC Engineering will present "Improving the Energy Performance and Reducing the Operating Cost of Rooftop Air-Conditioning and Evaporative-Cooling Equipment," a free Webinar sponsored by Baltimore Aircoil Co. (BAC) and Lennox.

Brian Flaskrud, senior parts technician for BAC, will discuss the importance of a comprehensive maintenance program for evaporative-cooling equipment. Save time and energy, increase efficiency, and extend equipment life using his recommended-maintenance checklist, and learn how to take advantage of free evaporative-cooling-equipment inspections, regardless of manufacturer.

Michael K. West, PhD, PE, building-systems scientist for AdvanTek Consulting Inc., will discuss options for improving rooftop-air-conditioner energy efficiency. Rooftop air conditioners are used to cool nearly every type of building. Though rarely seen, they typically account for more than a third of a building’s energy costs. Depending on your goals and budget and the condition of your equipment, there are many cost-effective ways to achieve energy savings. Learn about the latest technology in replacement units and controls, current thinking on refurbishment and maintenance, and retrofit technologies.

Certificates of attendance will be provided.

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