Ziehl-Abegg, the Künzelsau, Baden-Württemberg, Germany-based manufacturer of ventilation and drive systems, received 11 seals of product quality and Best Product of the Year honors in two categories—Ventilation Systems and Automotive—in the 2013 Plus X Award competition.

Judged by an independent jury of more than 130 technical journalists and personalities from 32 nations, the Plus X Award recognizes brand quality. The company’s Cpro impeller and ZAplus system unit received several seals for innovation, high quality, ecology, and functionality.

Used in high-precision air-conditioning units, for ventilation and air extraction, in cooling systems, in air-handling units, and in cleanroom technology, the water-drop-shaped Cpro fan runs more quietly and uses considerably less energy than conventional products. Made of the new ZAmid material, which has properties similar to steel, the fan is corrosion-free, is 100-percent recyclable, and consumes 15-percent less power than steel impellers. Rotational speed of 229 fps is possible.

ZAplus is a bionic axial fan featuring several technical modifications and a new compact unit made of high-strength composite material into which motor and control are integrated and on which a diffuser can be mounted. These changes have brought improvements in energy consumption, flow behavior, noise level, and handling.