Simergy is a free, comprehensive, graphical user interface that enables the whole-building energy-modeling engine EnergyPlus to be used more easily and effectively.

It is available from the Environmental Energy Technologies Division (EETD) of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the Buildings Technology Office of the Department of Energy.

Simergy helps users meet the building-energy-modeling needs of architects, mechanical engineers, energy analysts, and sustainability consultants to enable energy-efficient building design.

It gives users access to the powerful modeling capabilities of EnergyPlus in an integrated energy-assessment workflow, including:

• Support for multiple design alternatives.

• Versatile geometry creation with 2-D and 3-D CAD import capabilities.

• Libraries and templates of construction materials, default and operating schedules, and HVAC equipment and templates for conventional and low-energy HVAC systems.

• Drag-and-drop HVAC schematic editing that can be used to both customize standard templates and create innovative designs from scratch.

• Customized summary reports and interactive visualization of simulation results at different levels of detail.

For more information on the capabilities of Simergy and EnergyPlus, watch a series of video tutorials and explore the guides, samples, and FAQs available on the Simergy website.