Reliable Controls has released firmware Version 2.10 for its SMART-Sensor EnOcean Accesspoint (SSEA) product. This update is designed to provide significant added functionality to the SSEA, the most notable change involving the ability to transmit as well as receive, opening the door for communications with many additional devices.
This firmware update enables the following new features:
• Two-way wireless interface, allowing the SSEA to transmit wireless control packets to and receive wireless status packets from qualified third-party EnOcean wireless devices, as well as some non-qualified, third-party devices.
• EnOcean RPS wireless switches, including single rocker, dual rocker, and keycard variants, which can now be learned by the SSEA.
• Door/window sensors using the EnOcean 1BS message type.
• Generic learn of 4BS wireless controllers and sensors.
• Ability to repeat EnOcean wireless packets.
• Additional support for new occupancy, gas, automated meter, environmental, and lighting EEPs.
All firmware files for the SSEA and SSE are installed at Reliable Controls and do not require any user action. —Reliable Controls