The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) recently launched an online resource providing LEED green-building data in real time for each state and Washington, D.C.

The “market briefs” highlight LEED projects, LEED-credentialed professionals, and USGBC membership.

“Our state-level market briefs demonstrate USGBC’s commitment to data and information transparency at an important level of granularity,” Mahesh Ramanujam, chief operating officer, USGBC, said. “You can’t find this data anywhere else in the market.”

Market briefs for countries outside of the United States are available upon request. LEED for Homes and LEED for Neighborhood Development data and projects will be added this year.

“The ability to tune in to what the green-building marketplace looks like in real time is remarkably impactful, no matter what your connection to the industry is,” Ari Kobb, director of sustainability and green-building solutions, Siemens Industry Inc., said. “The state market briefs are clean and simple snapshots for each state.”

Emily Scofield, executive director of the USGBC’s North Carolina chapter, added: “The state market briefs are really useful to us in the way that they aggregate individual successes into crisp numbers that have a real impact on our conversations with businesses and policy makers.”

The state market briefs are available at