In its first-ever Sustainability Report, the National Hockey League (NHL) estimates its 30 member clubs use more than 321 million gal. of water each year, with roughly 12,500 gal. required to make one ice sheet. With so much water being used, the league is encouraging sports venues to take measures to use water more efficiently, including:

  • Installation of systems that measure and monitor water so managers have up-to-the-minute water-related information and can make informed decisions.
  • Installation of water-efficient fixtures, such as aerators and high-performing toilets, in restrooms.
  • Use of recycled water or water from rainwater-harvesting systems for cooling-tower and other non-potable uses.

“The report emphasizes that taking steps to reduce water consumption in restrooms is a high priority,” Klaus Reischardt, founder and chief executive officer of Waterless Co., said in publicizing the report. “As an example, they say that a Florida club was able to reduce restroom water consumption by a very impressive 75 percent just by installing more water-efficient systems.”

To read the report, which also includes sections on carbon, energy, refrigerants, waste and recycling, procurement and operations, and transportation, go to