Oct. 15-19
DDC Controls; Madison, Wis.; University of Wisconsin–Madison; http://bit.ly/UWM_N465.

Oct. 15-19
Introductory Boiler Training Webinar, Cleaver-Brooks, http://bit.ly/Introductory_1012.

Oct. 16
Fundamentals of Steam Utilization, Los Angeles, Spirax Sarco Inc., http://bit.ly/STM-100.

Oct. 16 (also Nov. 13)
Fundamentals of Steam Utilization; Columbia, S.C.; Spirax Sarco Inc.; http://bit.ly/STM-100.

Oct. 16-17
Boiler Operation/Electrical Troubleshooting, Milwaukee, Cleaver-Brooks, http://bit.ly/Troubleshooting_1012.

Oct. 17
Pressure and Temperature Control; Allentown, Pa.; Spirax Sarco Inc.; http://bit.ly/STM-202E.

Oct. 17 (also Nov. 14)
Fundamentals of Steam Utilization, Chicago, Spirax Sarco Inc., http://bit.ly/STM-100.

Oct. 18
Heat Transfer Fundamentals, Chicago, Spirax Sarco Inc., http://bit.ly/STM_301.

Oct. 18 (also Nov. 14)
Fundamentals of Steam Utilization, Houston, Spirax Sarco Inc., http://bit.ly/STM-100.

Oct. 25
Steam System Design; Columbia, S.C.; Spirax Sarco Inc.; http://bit.ly/STM-200E.

Oct. 27–31
ASPE Convention and Exposition; Charlotte, N.C.; American Society of Plumbing Engineers; http://www.aspe.org/expo.

Oct. 29-30
2012 ASHRAE/NIST Refrigerants Conference: Moving Towards Sustainability; Gaithersburg, Md.; ASHRAE and National Institute of Standards & Technology; http://bit.ly/ASHRAE_NIST.

Oct. 31 through Nov. 2
35th World Energy Engineering Congress, Atlanta, The Association of Energy Engineers, www.energycongress.com.

Nov. 1
Danfoss Technology Theater Tour: CO2; Duluth, Ga.; Danfoss; http://bit.ly/Danfoss_tour.

Nov. 6
Steam Utilization in the Food & Beverage Industry, Los Angeles, Spirax Sarco Inc., http://bit.ly/STM_906.

Nov. 6-7
Empowering Steam Best Practices; Three Rivers, Mich.; Armstrong International and Cleaver-Brooks; http://bit.ly/Armstrong_U.

Nov. 7 (also Jan. 16)
Fundamentals of Steam Utilization; Allentown, Pa.; Spirax Sarco Inc.; http://bit.ly/STM-100.

Nov. 7-8
Fire Safety Design and Sustainable Buildings, Chicago, National Fire Protection Association and Fire Protection Research Foundation, http://bit.ly/Fire_symposium.

Nov. 7-9
Consulting Engineer Seminar; Plano, Texas; Titus HVAC; http://bit.ly/Titus_U.

Nov. 8
Steam Traps and Condensate Pumps; Allentown, Pa.; Spirax Sarco Inc.; http://bit.ly/STM-201M.

Nov. 12-15
Sound and Vibration Certified Professional Seminar; San Leandro, Calif.; National Environmental Balancing Bureau; http://bit.ly/NEBB_Sound.

Nov. 12-16
Intermediate Boiler Training Webinar, Cleaver-Brooks, http://bit.ly/Intermediate_1112.

Nov. 13-14
Boiler Systems PLUS 2 - The Next Level; Livermore, Calif.; Cleaver-Brooks; http://bit.ly/Plus2_Livermore.

Nov. 14
Pressure and Temperature Control Systems; Allentown, Pa.; Spirax Sarco Inc.; http://bit.ly/STM-202M.

Nov. 14-16
Greenbuild International Conference and Expo, San Francisco, U.S. Green Building Council, http://greenbuildexpo.org.

Nov. 29
Danfoss Technology Theater Tour: Compressors and Expansion Devices; Tampa, Fla.; Danfoss; http://bit.ly/Danfoss_tour.

Dec. 5
Clean Steam Utilization; Allentown, Pa.; Spirax Sarco Inc.; http://bit.ly/STM-903.

Jan. 7-11, 2013
Building Innovation 2013 – National Institute of Building Sciences Conference & Expo; Washington, D.C.; National Institute of Building Sciences; http://bit.ly/NIBS_conference.

Jan. 28-30, 2013
International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo), Dallas, International Exposition Co., http://ahrexpo.com.

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