Two years after the events of the original “Die Hard,” New York City police detective John McClane (Bruce Willis) once again finds himself in the wrong place (for the bad guys) at the right time (for us), as a group of mercenaries takes over Washington Dulles International Airport. As planes, including one carrying McClane’s wife, circle overhead, running low on fuel, McClane springs into action. At one point, he jumps into a handy 30-in. round duct exiting from a machine room. As it turns out, the duct is ventilating into a hallway, which is not so great for the hallway, but good for the plucky McClane, who is only a few steps away from the bad guys. Interestingly, the duct entry happens at the film’s 43-min mark, at about the same time as the duct entrance in the original movie. Again, the duct easily supports McClane’s weight. Of course, the grill into the hallway pops right out, seemingly held in place by no screws at all.