In this, the first James Bond film, with the great Sean Connery in the lead role, the iconic spy infiltrates the secret island of Dr. Julius No (Joseph Wiseman), accompanied by the very attractive Honey Ryder (played without a hint of embarrassment by Ursula Andress). Besides an earth mover with a flame thrower, the evil doctor has a bulletproof cell waiting for Bond. Although the island is equipped with a nuclear reactor, the vent Bond uses to escape the cell is guarded by only a thin metal grate. With a whack, the electrified grate sparks and gives way, and the 200-pound master spy is off and running (well, crawling). A couple hundred yards later, the duct morphs into a drainage pipe that leads to a HazMat-suit room. The evil doctor doesn’t last long after that, dying in a thermonuclear explosion fueled by several shiploads of diesel fuel.