The SmartME Zone Controller, AdvancedHVAC Input/Output Controller, and EB-50GU-A Central Controller are designed to provide a single-source, integrated controls solution for commercial HVAC applications. The bundled package of commercial controls, which can also function individually, allows users to monitor and operate CITY MULTI VRF zoning systems and third-party equipment through the Mitsubishi Electric Network (M-NET). Functionality includes dual set-point and set-back, maintenance data storage, and energy-management monitoring. The SmartME Zone Controller can control up to 16 indoor units in a single zone. The AdvancedHVAC Controller features customizable applications for integrating CITY MULTI indoor units with third-party equipment such as auxiliary heat, fans, pumps, air-handling units, energy-recovery-ventilation systems, humidifiers, and economizers. The EB-50GU-A Central Controller provides Web-based centralized control of up to 50 indoor units individually, in a group or in a batch operation. —Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating