The Spyder controller portfolio has been expanded with the launch of Spyder with Relays, Sylk I/O, and Zio Lite sylk-enabled wall modules. The Spyder with Relays model eliminates the need for contractors to install separate switching relays when controlling rooftop or constant-volume air-handling equipment by adding relays to the Spyder hardware. It is available in LonWorks and BACnet protocols. The Spyder with Relays is also compatible with Honeywell’s new Sylk I/O module, which is a Sylk-enabled device that expands a single Spyder controller’s input and output (I/O) count by eight to 12 points modularly through a Sylk bus connection. Sylk is a two-wire polarity-insensitive bus that provides power and communication between a Sylk-enabled controller and a Sylk-enabled device without having to run numerous wires and use up I/O on the controller. The Zio Lite wall module utilizes Sylk technology to connect to Spyder controllers to reduce installation time. Zio Lite offers a model that is packaged with temperature, humidity, and carbon-dioxide sensing on two wires. —Honeywell