The capabilities of the Web Comfort Wirelessly Communicating Thermostat System have been expanded to control occupancy sensors, lighting, fans, and plug loads. The system can also be used with a meter to monitor and track energy use for a specific area, load type, or building. The new Web Comfort Manager comes out-of-the-box with the software necessary to control all major areas of energy consumption in a building. This plug-and-play system is easy-to-install and communicates wirelessly via a secure Zigbee mesh network. The new system is available with wired and wireless motion sensors, contact sensors, destratification fans, meters, and outlets. Each of these accessories communicates with the Web Comfort Manager. This allows the building owner or manager to control the energy usage of the building through the Internet. Robust reporting also allows tracking of energy usage. The Manager coordinates all energy management functions utilizing the Web Comfort wireless network. The ability to use the system in conjunction with a Tridium-based system supports expansion of the system as the building or facility needs change. —Jackson Systems