Six new models have joined the Allure EC-Smart-Vue series of communicating room sensors. The four-in-one communicating sensors, which include integrated carbon-dioxide and motion sensors, are designed to provide cost savings to energy-conscious building operators. By combining multiple sensors (temperature, humidity, carbon-dioxide, and motion) in a single unit, the Allure EC-Smart-Vue reduces installation costs and time since only one room device needs be mounted, wired, and commissioned. The four-in-one communicating sensor offers additional energy savings compared to other sensing solutions as it supports both demand-controlled ventilation and occupancy-based control strategies for HVAC and lighting. Moreover, its built-in carbon-dioxide sensor contributes to maintaining indoor air quality, optimizing occupant comfort and productivity. The The EC-Smart-Vue sensors are designed to interface with Distech Controls’ BACnet ECB Series and LONworks ECL Series controllers. They are suitable for variable-air-volume, fan coil, rooftop, heat pump, and unit-vent room-control applications, and feature the innovative ECO-Vue leaf pattern, which graphically indicates energy consumption in real time to promote occupants’ energy-conscious behavior. —Distech Controls