BACnet followers have another integrator joining the ranks of BACnet International with the addition of ChillCo Inc.

“BACnet is the standard for open protocol systems,” Jamie Lee, director of automated solutions and installations at ChillCo Inc., said. “Since its conception in 1995, BACnet has defined and set forth a standard that gives the building-automation system back to the owners, operators, and building engineers. No longer is a company limited by the technology of its current building automation system manufacturer.

“As a company that specializes in integration, ChillCo, Inc. provides our existing clients and future clients with a system that is open, flexible, and user-friendly,” Lee said. “BACnet fits ChillCo, Inc.’s philosophy as a building-automation company that believes in giving our customers’ training and education in order to fully understand their system and the ability to use it as a tool for maintenance, scheduling, and energy use reduction.”

As an integrator member, ChillCo joins more than 80 building-automation vendors and integrators in the world in pursuing advancement of BACnet as a communication protocol.

More information on BACnet International members can be found here.

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