An addendum to ASHRAE’s newly published Guideline 13-2014, Specifying Building Automation Systems, is open for an advisory public review until July 21.

“Under the proposed change (Addendum a), the guideline is being rewritten to update the use of the Internet as the primary method for networking BAS (building automation system) devices,” Dave Kahn, chair of the Guideline 13 committee, said. “The guideline contains very little specification language on the Internet. Our committee hosted a consultation seminar at the 2013 ASHRAE Conference, and attendees told us Internet connectivity was the top issue we need to address.”

Addenda a includes:

  • Discussion of BAS design options using Internet Protocol (IP) and non-IP devices.
  • Use of new software tools, such as energy dashboards.
  • Strategies BAS designers can use when working with enterprise information-technology departments to secure BAS devices on an enterprise intranet.
  • A new Clause 12, "BAS Device Network Design," written as a standalone section.
  • A new Clause 13 addressing options for migrating legacy control systems to enterprise intranets.

The guideline will next be published in 2017.

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