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Preventing Legionnaires’ Disease

As both a HVAC professional and a member of The American Legion, I find Legionnaires’ disease to be one of the most troubling problems facing our....More

The Importance of Mentoring

Before moving to South Florida seven years ago, my career was in manufacturing—first of process equipment, then of HVAC products. And I was fortunate....More

Google and HVAC

It often is said, “Google can do anything!” In fact, a learned colleague of mine—a practicing electrical engineer—thinks we should give Google all of....More

HVAC and … Football?

Those who know me well know I love football, especially the college game (Go Hokies!). This time of year, with all of the bowl games (and, obviously....More

The 12 Days of Christmas (HVAC Version)

On the first day of Christmas, my client got from me....More

If It Ain’t Broke, (Sometimes) Fix It!1

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” How many times have we heard that expression? And yet how often is that our advice to our clients? Can you imagine....More

Niche Products in the HVAC Industry

What niche products are emerging or gaining traction in our industry? Here are three energy-efficiency products Larry Clark likes and has been....More

When It Comes to Sea-Level Rise, Size Does Matter1

I live at the beach in South Florida, an area considered by many to be at the greatest economic risk from sea-level rise in the world....More

As-Built Drawings: Getting What You Pay For

How often do we go on a site visit and find there are no as-built drawings? Not only are there no as-built drawings, there is no original permit set....More

Embodied Energy

The embodied-energy debate continues to rage. For those unfamiliar with the concept, embodied energy is the total energy required to produce a....More

Beyond Buildings: Achieving Sustainable Communities

As a member of the Smart Growth Partnership board of directors, I recently saw a presentation about STAR (Sustainability Tools for Assessing....More

Balancing Energy Conservation and Occupant Comfort

Lately, there has been a lot of talk concerning the adverse effect of energy conservation on occupant comfort, blogger Larry Clark says, admitting....More

LEED and Green Globes

Recently, the leading green-building rating systems have been in the news: The Green Building Initiative launched a new version of Green Globes for....More

Stay Informed on Energy Issues

One of the most controversial topics in the energy industry today is fracking. For those unfamiliar with fracking—forget the politics for a moment—it....More

Committed to Commissioning

These days, you can hardly pick up a magazine or read a newsletter in our industry without seeing at least one article or column on commissioning (Cx....More

Lawrence (Larry) Clark, QCxP, GGP, LEED AP+

A member of HPAC Engineering’s Editorial Advisory Board, Lawrence (Larry) Clark, QCxP, GGP, LEED AP+, is principal of Sustainable Performance Solutions LLC, a South Florida-based engineering...
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