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The founding principal of Seattle-based Wilkinson Commissioning Management, Ron Wilkinson, PE, LEED AP, CPMP, is the author of the first commissioning training program for the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) for New Construction and Major Renovations Green Building Rating System and the founding recording secretary for ASHRAE Guideline Project Committee 0.2/1.2, The Commissioning Process for Existing Building Systems and Assemblies/The Commissioning Process for Existing HVAC&R Systems. An ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer and an American Institute of Architects Continuing Education Lecturer, he has spoken on commissioning practices internationally. He is a longtime member of HPAC Engineering’s Editorial Advisory Board.

Sustainable Ventilation in High-Rise Office Buildings 
When it comes to energy, the tendency is for owners of high-rise office buildings to charge tenants for all consumption and make no improvements. This is unfortunate, as opportunities for energy conservation—and, thus, carbon-dioxide (CO2) reduction—through the regulation of ventilation air abound, bringing with them money-saving and public-relations benefits for both owners and tenants.
The Adventures of Johnny Tundra, Cold-Weather Engineer: Controller
Riding along the snow-covered road on the way to Rock Springs, Mont., was just as peaceful as could be. The road was in poor repair, but the snow and ice had filled in most of the potholes to where the ride was smooth enough. Winter sub-zero temperatures had made way for more moderate spring weather, at least slightly above freezing. Johnny Tundra's trusted basset hound, Gas Train, was riding next to him in the cab, asleep as usual. A bump in the road raised the hound to semi-consciousness and caused a general relocation of his capacious jowls. "No need to get excited," Johnny said.
The Adventures of Johnny Tundra, Cold-Weather Engineer: Pipe Chase
Johnny Tundra was headed home after finishing his latest commissioning project in Miles City, Mont. The flat prairie highway stretched out ahead of him was packed with snow and ice and was flanked on both sides by frozen and forbidding mesas. The setting sun poked over the Crazy Mountains to the west and shed a frosty stream of light through the frigid December air. The cab of Johnny's truck, the International Harvester Scout, was warm despite the outdoor-air temperatures hovering around zero.
The Adventures of Johnny Tundra, Cold-Weather Engineer: Unit Ventilator
It was an early winter in Angela, Mont. Although only mid-November, the surrounding peaks of the Judith Mountains to the west were already capped in snow. The wind kicked up vaporous wisps of powder in the crisp morning air.
The Adventures of Johnny Tundra, Cold-Weather Engineer: Butterfly Valve
Johnny Tundra knew from the sound of his cell phone that it was trouble. Nobody would call him at 5:30 p.m. on a Friday except somebody who was in trouble with a legislature in session at the state capitol in Helena, Mont.
The Adventures of Johnny Tundra, Cold-Weather Engineer: Damper Blades
It was a brisk February morning and Johnny Tundra, the engineer from Big Timber, was on the road to Angela, Mont. The wind was kicking up a bit across the prairie, sweeping the snow across the highway in blankets of undulating white. The sun was bright enough to blind, and inside Johnny's International Harvester Scout station wagon it was easy to forget the outside temperature, failing to make it above zero.
LEED Commissioning for New and Existing Buildings
The U.S. Green Building Council operates 10 Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating Systems. Eight of those systems require commissioning. The other two do not. This article compares and contrasts the eight that do.
Finer Points of Specifying Cooling Towers 
This article discusses open-tower vs. closed-tower design, water treatment, location, and other considerations that play a part in cooling-tower selection.
Plan Early for LEED Commissioning 
Part and parcel of winning a U.S. Green Building Council LEED certification is the auditing of submittal materials to ensure compliance with certification requirements. Unlike an IRS audit, this doesn’t have to be a heartache.

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