Michael Weil

Editorial Director
HPAC Engineering
Articles by Michael Weil
Are You the Smartest Design Engineer?
In the world of HVAC design, recognition for innovative and outstanding work can take many forms: awards, bonuses, raises, promotions, and even good old
Optimism Is the Word of the Month
Last month, the HVAC industry packed its collective bags, boarded planes, cars, and buses; and headed to Orange County, Fla. For those of us from up north,
2010: You Say You Want A Revolution
As the writing team of Lennon and McCartney said in their 1968 hit Revolution 1, We all want to change the world. Back then, it seemed the only way to
The Times They Are A-CHANGIN'
At the close of our 81st year, HPAC Engineering and the entire HVAC industry breathe a sigh. Over the past two years, the country has been rocked by social,
A Cooling Trend in Global Warming
In July 2006, HPAC Engineering published a guest editorial titled A Historic Opportunity, written by Edward Mazria, AIA, founder of Architecture 2030,
Exceeding Customer Expectations Is JOB ONE
Last week was all about firsts. It was the first presentation of HVACR Week, a live seminar and trade-show event combining three meetings: the Engineering
If You Don't Measure, You're Just GUESSING
It's no secret that there has been significant criticism of the certification process for the U.S. Green Building Council's (USGBC's) Leadership in Energy
Nashville: Home of the First HVACR Week
They say some of the biggest and best innovations occur when our economy is in the throes of some kind of swing, usually a downward one. The birth of
Revolutionizing Building Design: Get Ready
This year, EGB will co-locate with HVAC Comfortech (the industry's largest light-commercial/residential seminar and trade-show program) and the new Commercial HVACR Symposium (which is geared toward design/build contractors), creating the first annual HVACR Week.
Social Networking and the Engineer
It's everywhere talk of Facebook, LinkedIn, Plaxo, and Twitter. At first blush, it all seems to be geared to the young you know, teens to twenty-somethings
Stimulating the Economy: Are We Moving too Fast?
Seven hundred and eighty billion dollars. It's unbelievable how big that number is. Heck, I have trouble getting my head wrapped around the idea of $1
Education: Should It Be Cut Back?
Should austerity programs include eliminating education, training, and mentoring from your budgets?
Let Me Please INTRODUCE Myself
Synergy. It's been a buzzword in the business world for decades. It's two or more things working together to create an effect that is greater than the

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