Michael Weil

Editorial Director,
HPAC Engineering
Big Data and the Future of Smart Buildings
The analysis of information gleaned from all the smat systems in a builiding is resource that has vast potential. Here are some thoughts on the matter.
Economy graphic from WPTV News Channel 5 website
What's in Store for the Mechanical Systems Industry in Q3, Q4, and Beyond? 
Is the HVAC industry on the verge of another economic shakeup or are things really on the mend. From housing starts to the GDP, indications are mixed.
Armstrong tracks its product efficinecies with this Sustainability Dashboard
Armstrong Fluid Technology Sees HVAC-Industry Future in Design Envelope
For 20 years, Armstrong Fluid Technology has been working on integrated technologies consisting of heat transfer, fluid flow, variable speed, and demand-based controls.
Boiler Maximum Available Control Technology (MACT) Standards Are In Effect: Now What? 1
The EPA's Boiler MACT rules have been in the works for a very long time. As of May 31st, the first of those rules, focused on major-source boilers, are now in effect.
For the Mechanical Systems Engineer: Clean Technology is All About the Data
In the HVAC mechanical systems world, smart meters and the data they collect and communicate may be the reason this country achieves its energy and sustainability goals.
Who Says HVACR Isn’t Cool?
In the mechanical systems industry, the products and services that are currently available and those that will soon be online, are state-of the-art and attractive to building owners and managers who are looking to save energy costs and attract tenants.
Is Building Certification Really Necessary?
Does mechanical system and building performance rely on measureable results? Should certification be based on that?
Weil I'm Thinking of It ...: Steer Clear of Cliffs and Full Steam Ahead
The fiscal cliff aside, manufacturers around the world are very optimistic about 2013, according to a survey conducted by the management of the AHR Expo. Good News.
Sustainability Is Changing Our Industry
Having attended the Greenbuild conference for the first time last month, I walked away with an interesting change in perspective—this is a serious show that lacks serious HVAC industry participation.
Disaster Recovery: Customers Need Help
Last month, a hurricane did something many think is unbelievable—it mated with other storm systems, creating something monstrous. Dubbed by meteorologists as “Super Storm Sandy,” this Category 1 hurricane managed to wreak havoc up and down the East ...
‘It’s About the Economy, Stupid’
Back in 1992, during the Bill Clinton and George Bush presidential election, this slogan was used to put forth the proposition that all elections are about the economy.
It's About the Economy, Stupid
Back in 1992, during the Bill Clinton and George Bush presidential election, this slogan was used to put forth the proposition that all elections are
Project Delivery: Who Is in Charge?
Sometimes cliches are just so right on. For example, the statement, "There is no 'I' in team, but there is in win," has been bantered around for so long that it's difficult to know who actually originated it. But when it comes to the construction industry, this statement offers a success potential that has not always been achieved, much to the chagrin of building owners, engineers, architects, and contractors alike
How Do You Cross the Generational Divide?
The fact is, in the United States today, there are fewer young people getting into the technical, engineering, and energy aspects of our economy than at any time previously.
Design Excellence Gets Its Due
Last year, as HPAC Engineering magazine was developing its Engineer of the Year Award, the staff did research to see what kind of recognition programs were already out there for professional engineers who ply their trade in the HVAC Industry. We were very surprised by the fact that the only recognition programs belonged to trade associations and universities.
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