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Weil I'm Thinking of It ...: Steer Clear of Cliffs and Full Steam Ahead
The fiscal cliff aside, manufacturers around the world are very optimistic about 2013, according to a survey conducted by the management of the AHR Expo. Good News.
Sustainability Is Changing Our Industry
Having attended the Greenbuild conference for the first time last month, I walked away with an interesting change in perspective—this is a serious show that lacks serious HVAC industry participation.
Disaster Recovery: Customers Need Help
Last month, a hurricane did something many think is unbelievable—it mated with other storm systems, creating something monstrous. Dubbed by meteorologists as “Super Storm Sandy,” this Category 1 hurricane managed to wreak havoc up and down the East ...
‘It’s About the Economy, Stupid’
Back in 1992, during the Bill Clinton and George Bush presidential election, this slogan was used to put forth the proposition that all elections are about the economy.
It's About the Economy, Stupid
Back in 1992, during the Bill Clinton and George Bush presidential election, this slogan was used to put forth the proposition that all elections are
Project Delivery: Who Is in Charge?
Sometimes cliches are just so right on. For example, the statement, "There is no 'I' in team, but there is in win," has been bantered around for so long that it's difficult to know who actually originated it. But when it comes to the construction industry, this statement offers a success potential that has not always been achieved, much to the chagrin of building owners, engineers, architects, and contractors alike
How Do You Cross the Generational Divide?
The fact is, in the United States today, there are fewer young people getting into the technical, engineering, and energy aspects of our economy than at any time previously.
Design Excellence Gets Its Due
Last year, as HPAC Engineering magazine was developing its Engineer of the Year Award, the staff did research to see what kind of recognition programs were already out there for professional engineers who ply their trade in the HVAC Industry. We were very surprised by the fact that the only recognition programs belonged to trade associations and universities.
The Write Way to Contribute to HPAC Engineering Magazine
The other day, I received an e-mail from a facilities engineer interested in publishing an article in HPAC Engineering. I answered him right away, but that made me think it might be a good idea to write a general statement about our process for other potential authors.
When Do Trends Go Mainstream?
The request set me back on my heels. It brought home to me the fact that all the things we’ve been writing about and doing in this industry over the past three to five years have moved from the “trends” realm into that of “mainstream.” How else do you explain this high-school writing assignment?
The Global Engineering Conference Rocks
In March, I attended Carrier’s Global Engineering Conference (www.2012GEC.com) in Las Vegas, and the theme of that meeting was about changing the world by rethinking, restoring, and regenerating our resources. This conference, which HPAC Engineering co-sponsored, is a platform for the industry to gather and discuss design trends, the future of environmental technologies, and the role that manufacturers, engineers, and building owners play in improving the building environment.
The Global Engineering Conference Rocks
Isn't it funny how there is always a new catchphrase to describe changes in a marketplace, in fads, in the cool factor, and so on? It wasn't so long ago
You Can't Win If You Don't Play
You can't win if you don't play seven words where the action centers on and It doesn't matter if we're talking sports, the lottery, or an industry awards
You Can’t Win If You Don’t Play
You can’t win if you don’t play—seven words where the action centers on “win” and “play.” It doesn’t matter if we’re talking sports, the lottery, or an industry awards program. The fact is, everybody wants to be a winner. To win is to separate yourself from the crowd, to be successful, to matter.
HVAC Industry Engineering at its Finest
In a world that seems ever-focused on the negative, we here at HPAC Engineering magazine work very hard to learn about the things changing the HVAC Industry for the better and share them with you in all the media formats you wish to consume them in.

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