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A sky view photo of a river running through grassy plains.
HVAC Water Management: Big Changes Ahead
Federal water conservation rules will impact the commercial HVAC marketplace in a big way. Already local and state rules try to grapple with looming water shortages nationwide.
Paradigm Shifts and the HVAC Systems Engineering Industry
From building information modeling to integrated design and beyond, the changes sweeping through the HVAC engineering world are coming on fast and hard. Are you ready?
Weil I'm Thinking of It: Some Thoughts on the Aftermath of the HVAC Industry's AHR Expo
The 2014 AHR Expo had a different kind of buzz, one that focused on HVAC systems instead of products.
GALLERY: 2014 AHR Expo Report
With more than 1,800 exhibitors occupying some 400,000 sq ft of booth space, the 2014 International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo), held Jan. 21-23 in New York City, is said to be the largest HVACR exposition ever held in the Northeast. This gallery contains a sampling of the thousands of new products and energy-efficient solutions on display.
Weil I'm Thinking of it: Who Knew How Green the Big Apple Is?
In New York City's quest for environmentally sustainable mechanical systems, LEED buildings are just the start. Truly sustainable buildings should be the goal.
How Did The HVAC Industry Do in 2013?
This time last year, the country faced a fiscal cliff. We overcame that and a lot of other things in the mechanical systems industry.
Solar Car Race in Australia
Smart Grid Careers: Don't Forget the Mechanical Systems Engineer
There are engineering students who are looking for a place to apply their education and knowledge. It's our job as member of the HVAC mechanicals systems industry to help them bring their talents here.
HVAC Building Controls Are Cool
Our mission to help the buildings industry understand the technology landscape where building automation systems and equipment controls are integrated with information technologies hasn't changed.
Big Data and the Future of Smart Buildings
The analysis of information gleaned from all the smat systems in a builiding is resource that has vast potential. Here are some thoughts on the matter.
Economy graphic from WPTV News Channel 5 website
What's in Store for the Mechanical Systems Industry in Q3, Q4, and Beyond? 
Is the HVAC industry on the verge of another economic shakeup or are things really on the mend. From housing starts to the GDP, indications are mixed.
Armstrong tracks its product efficinecies with this Sustainability Dashboard
Armstrong Fluid Technology Sees HVAC-Industry Future in Design Envelope
For 20 years, Armstrong Fluid Technology has been working on integrated technologies consisting of heat transfer, fluid flow, variable speed, and demand-based controls.
Boiler Maximum Available Control Technology (MACT) Standards Are In Effect: Now What? 1
The EPA's Boiler MACT rules have been in the works for a very long time. As of May 31st, the first of those rules, focused on major-source boilers, are now in effect.
For the Mechanical Systems Engineer: Clean Technology is All About the Data
In the HVAC mechanical systems world, smart meters and the data they collect and communicate may be the reason this country achieves its energy and sustainability goals.
Who Says HVACR Isn’t Cool?
In the mechanical systems industry, the products and services that are currently available and those that will soon be online, are state-of the-art and attractive to building owners and managers who are looking to save energy costs and attract tenants.
Is Building Certification Really Necessary?
Does mechanical system and building performance rely on measureable results? Should certification be based on that?

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