As with all emerging technologies, as 3-D laser mapping becomes more refined and costs are reduced, use and effectiveness will increase. As the technology evolves, it will become another tool design professionals use to improve the quality of delivered products and increase efficiency.


An associate with RMF Engineering Inc., Stefan Domby, PE, LEED AP, has significant experience in the design and analysis of mechanical systems serving health-care, laboratory, institutional, federal, and industrial facilities. He routinely uses computer-modeling techniques to support his analysis and design of hydronic and process piping systems. His other areas of expertise include energy-system-performance modeling, chilled-water-distribution-system analysis, and engineering economic analysis. Mike Morgan, AIA, is a vice president of Waldon Studio Architects. As an architect and general design-build contractor, he has provided turnkey solutions affecting more than 400,000 sq ft and 2,000 people for projects totaling $13 million in design, renovation, and relocation services. His projects require strong team- and consensus-building skills and an ability to deliver practical, high-quality design solutions within strict budget and time constraints.


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