Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory recently announced a set of major upgrades to EnergyIQ, the free “action-oriented” benchmarking tool for non-residential buildings.

Energy managers, building owners, architects, and engineers use EnergyIQ to identify energy-efficiency opportunities, save money, and reduce carbon emissions.

EnergyIQ provides whole-building as well as end-use and feature-level benchmarking using a variety of metrics. Users can define the peer groups against which their buildings are benchmarked and save results in customizable dashboards. Buildings within a user’s portfolio can be ranked by performance metrics, benchmarked against targets, and tracked over time.

Recent upgrades to EnergyIQ include:

• The ability to import user data from ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager.

• Customized lists of peer-group-specific energy-efficiency-retrofit options, with ranges of likely potential savings.

• Pre-loaded sample buildings that enable users to test functionality before entering their own data.

• Movement of the entire system to a cloud-based platform.

• Expanded engineering documentation.

• Licensable application programming interfaces that enable third-party software developers to incorporate EnergyIQ’s functionality into their own freestanding user interfaces.

Further enhancements are under way.

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