The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) recently introduced a new Web-based navigator to help private- and public-sector organizations discover financing solutions for energy-efficiency projects.

Through Better Buildings Financing Navigator, building owners, facility and energy managers, and other decision-makers can connect with financiers, including banks and financial institutions, to pursue energy-saving measures.

"We've seen the financing community make tremendous progress by innovating models and mechanisms to invest in building energy efficiency," Kathleen Hogan, deputy assistant secretary for energy efficiency, DOE, said. "Now more than ever before, we can bring these smart financing solutions to the market and move forward more rapidly with energy-efficiency projects and upgrades by providing the right information and making the right connections across people and programs."

Better Buildings Financing Navigator helps users identify relevant financing options in a rapidly expanding marketplace. Users can search by topic or answer a few simple questions to get tailored results, and they easily can navigate whitepapers, technical research, and advice collected from the industry to get the information they need.

The new tool allows users to connect to the larger Better Buildings Financial Allies community, including banks and lenders that are committed to bold financial investments in energy efficiency and are actively pursuing new opportunities to finance projects. Through the Better Buildings Challenge, 30 of these organizations are partnering with the DOE to commit $5.4 billion in financing for energy-saving projects and sharing successful strategies to maximize efficiency over the next decade.

The Financing Navigator covers efficiency projects of all sizes in all nonresidential-building types. It was developed in consultation with the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, the Environmental Defense Fund, Metrus Energy, the Institute for Market Transformation, and dozens of other contributors.