Carrier, provider of high-technology heating, air-conditioning, and refrigeration solutions, recently introduced energy-assessment programs for K-12 schools and small- to mid-size commercial buildings.

Aimed at identifying costly energy drains and remediating them in a fiscally responsible manner, the assessments are performed by experts from Carrier’s energy-services operations. Assessments include a site review and analysis of utility bills, operating schedules, and occupancy levels. The site then is modeled and a detailed, easy-to-read, actionable report created.

“With minimum preparation and time on a business owner’s part, our energy-service professionals can provide an ASHRAE Level I energy assessment that results in recommendations for easily implemented solutions at low or no cost that can provide significant energy savings,” Greg Alcorn, vice president, commercial sales and marketing, for Carrier, said.

According to Alcorn, resulting savings often can offset the cost of an assessment within two years and provide additional savings over time.

“Many utility companies and municipalities also offer rebates to offset these types of energy assessments,” Alcorn said.

Carrier can conduct more detailed analyses that meet the standards of ASHRAE Level II and Level III energy assessments.

To learn more about the energy-assessment programs, contact your local Carrier representative. More information about the K-12 program can be found at