Heat-pump systems
Tranquility TRW vertical-stack hybrid heat-pump systems can heat or cool, with loop temperatures from 85˚F to 125˚F. A compressor-based cooling cycle uses EarthPure HFC-410A refrigerant. The hydronic heating cycle uses loop water for quiet, dependable heat. When units in the building are cooling and heating, the heat rejected in the loop by units in cooling mode becomes "free" heat for units in heating mode. Unit- or remote-mounted controls are available.
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Condensing boilers
Three models have been added to the Triple-Flex line of high-efficiency condensing flexible-watertube boilers. The TF 150, TF 200, and TF 250 offer inputs from 1,500 to 2,500 mbh, with sub-30-ppm nitrogen oxide, utilizing a hybrid metal-fiber burner. The boilers have a minimum thermal efficiency of 90 percent in worst-case operating conditions, such as 160˚F return water and 180˚F supply water at 100-percent firing load. Efficiencies of up to 99 percent are achievable with lower return-water temperatures, such as those found in new buildings.
—Bryan Steam LLC
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Replacement motors
The JuggerNaut line of inverter-duty condenser-fan replacement motors for the commercial air-conditioning and refrigeration markets includes Class F insulation for 158˚F maximum ambient conditions, a quick-connect voltage-change module, and a removable rigid base that provides for rigid-base or belly-band mounting. The replacement motors are available in five ratings: 1, 1½, and 2 hp at 1,140 rpm, as well as 1 and 1½ hp at 850 rpm.
—A.O. Smith Electrical Products Co.
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Independent valves
Designed to perform control and energy strategies for building-automation systems, ePIV pressure-independent control valves maintain flow regardless of pressure fluctuation. The valves directly measure flow by combining a magnetic flow meter with two-way control to offer regulation, balance, and shutoff. Flow readings are reported back to the controller.
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Suitable for most air-conditioning, ventilation, and critical applications, RadiCal impellers feature an aerodynamically optimized hybrid construction that provides a continuous flow of air, increasing the aerodynamic efficiency of a fan. Compared with conventional alternating-current fans, the impellers consume 50-percent less energy and ensure 50-percent noise reduction. Compact, the impellers can be integrated into tight spaces.
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Flue-draft and CO safety monitor
EBC 35 draft controls with carbon-monoxide (CO) monitors help safeguard boiler facilities. An integrated proven draft-switch function ensures the control will lock out boilers within an adjustable time period if sufficient draft cannot be maintained. The CO transmitter's liquid-crystal display monitors CO levels on location. The units' sensors have a minimum two-year life span.
—Enervex (formerly Exhausto)
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Split-grounding ring
AEGIS bearing-protection rings protect alternating-current motors by channeling harmful currents to ground. Maintenance-free, the rings’ FiberLock channel prevents the loosening or breaking of conductive microfibers. By preventing bearing damage, downtime, and costly repairs, the rings help make variable-frequency-drive energy savings sustainable.
—Electro Static Technology
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Screw compressors
Optimized for low-condensing-temperature applications, CSW Series screw compressors are suited for water-cooled chillers, process cooling, and systems with air-cooled condensers operating under moderate climate conditions. The screw compressors provide energy efficiency, particularly under part-load conditions; they are 30 percent more efficient at part load than standard models.
—Bitzer US Inc.
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Scotch boilers
Series 500 four-pass wetback Scotch marine boilers have capacities from 30 to 2,000 hp and 670 to 3,348 MBtuh. Factory-assembled, prewired, and tested, the boilers include independent tube sheets with uniform temperatures, eliminating cracks and premature tube failure.
—Hurst Boiler
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Heat-recovery ventilators
Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute-certified, light-commercial heat-recovery units from Fantech are powered by energy-efficient ebm-papst motors that provide 250 to 1,105 cfm at 0.4-in. w.g. Reversible door panels provide access to cores, filters, motors, and drain pans. Aluminum heat-exchanger cores are engineered to maximize heat transfer while allowing effective evacuation of condensate. Plates are hemmed and sealed to prevent cross-contamination.
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Boiler control
For new and replacement installations, as well as additions and retrofits, the TempTracker Mod+Hybrid control is capable of integrating all Raypak and most other major boiler platforms. With an optional BACnet building-management-system link, stage-fire, modulation, condensing, and non-condensing boilers can be mixed. The hybrid-control concept helps users stay within budget guidelines while maintaining the benefits of condensing designs.
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Pump Revit files
Taco has produced individual Revit files for more than 860 product models within 24 separate product groups. These include pumps, circulators, heat exchangers, buffer and expansion tanks, air dirt separators, and valves. Another three product groups, involving more than 50 products, remain to be completed and should be available within the first quarter of 2011. Taco was the first HVAC pump manufacturer to release Revit files.
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Economizer systems
An economizer system for commercial boiler and water-heater systems, the IPVB-ECO consists of an inline power venter and an integrated economizer unit with stainless-steel tubes in a compact design. The system can operate in condensing or non-condensing mode. Able to be installed vertically or horizontally, seven standard sizes can achieve energy savings of up to 5 percent.
—Enervex (formerly Exhausto)
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High-pressure condensate return
Engineered to reduce energy use by collecting high-temperature condensate and safely pumping it back to a steam boiler without flash loss, high-pressure condensate returns increase the efficiency of production equipment by ensuring condensate is properly drained out of processes and returned to boilers.
—Industrial Steam
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Compressor electronics
CoreSense compressor electronics enhance compressor and system performance by sensing and interpreting electrical and mechanical information within a compressor to provide advanced capabilities, such as system diagnostics, protection, and communication. The electronics can help improve system performance and reliability and reduce costly callbacks.
—Emerson Climate Technologies Inc.
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Replacement heating controls
Six new replacement furnace boards and ignition controls—ICM284, ICM287, ICM289, ICM291, ICM292, and ICM2801—operate with microprocessor-based precision and are designed for safety, including 100-percent lockout. Three fan-coil thermostats—SC700V, SC710V, and SC900V—are designed for high-voltage fan-coil and baseboard applications. The thermostats support 24- to 277-v three-speed fan applications and offer precise comfort control accurate to ±1˚F.
—ICM Controls
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Tube heaters
Space-Ray's product line includes PTS/PTU Series tube heaters in more than 100 configurations, with capacities of 40,000 to 200,000 Btuh and minimum mounting heights of 10 to 18 ft; LTU Series tube heaters in more than 100 configurations, with capacities of 40,000 to 250,000 Btuh; LTS infrared straight tube heaters in more than 100 configurations, with capacities of 40,000 to 250,000 Btuh; ETS/ETU Series low-intensity infrared tube heaters in 80 configurations, with capacities of 40,000 to 250,000 Btuh; high-intensity ceramic heaters with capacities of 26,000 to 160,000 Btuh; and four Cold Blocker infrared gas tube heaters for light-commercial and small unheated spaces with capacities of 20,000 to 50,000 Btuh.
—Space-Ray Infrared Heaters
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HVACR-equipment coating
An environmentally friendly coating for HVACR equipment, EGuard DCC Green is a polyurethane aluminum-impregnated coating developed for all types of heat exchangers. The corrosion of heat-exchange coils caused by pollution and other environmental conditions raises electrical costs and shortens the life of HVACR equipment. Dry to the touch in 15 min, the coating can be spray-applied to new and existing in-service coils to reverse current and prevent corrosion, saving money by extending equipment service life and improving energy efficiency.
—EnergyGuard USA
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Wireless video inspection system
Designed for numerous HVACR applications, such as leak detection and corrosion and deposit-buildup inspection, the SEEKER 100 (DCS100) wireless USB video inspection system includes the RCV100 USB video receiver. The receiver and its included software wirelessly connect the video inspection system to a Windows computer, enabling video to be viewed on the computer or streamed live over the Internet via Skype.
—General Tools & Instruments
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Radiant-heating systems
Old heating systems can be upgraded with Premier VS-VH high-efficiency radiant-heating systems. Thermal efficiencies of up to 94 percent, depending on configuration, are combined with the benefits of radiant heat to maximize fuel savings. Custom designs can include long or short condensing or non-condensing system options. The optional SRP Accu-Rate modulating control enables communication with energy-management systems and independent-zone or system modulation between 60 and 100 percent.
—Superior Radiant Products Ltd.
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Refrigerant analyzer
A portable analyzer that quickly and accurately identifies refrigerant type and protects against refrigerant contamination, Ultima ID Pro enables pre-screening, which can help avoid costly refrigerant mixing during consolidation and reclamation. The analyzer delivers results in less than 3 min with an accuracy of ±2 percent or better.
—Neutronics Refrigerant Analysis
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