VRV III air-conditioning systems feature 460-v three-phase power supplies and capacities of up to 20 tons. With VRV III, up to 41 indoor units can be connected on one piping network. For larger-scale building applications, the systems offer zoning capabilities with up to 200-percent diversity, refrigerant auto-charge functions, and inverter-compressor technology.
Daikin AC Inc.
Circle 100


Useful in variable-air-volume (VAV) applications, VAViH-SD BACnet controllers include an integrated direct-coupled brushless actuator, an additional binary output, and an additional universal analog input with a jumper. Pre-loaded direct-digital-control applications provide users with five types of VAV-box controls.
Circle 102


Air Movement and Control Association-certified electronic air-measuring stations from Ruskin electronically measure airflow. The systems utilize air-scoop and heated-mass-flow-sensor technologies. They can communicate with building-automation systems through analog outputs or digitally through network interfaces.
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With a guaranteed combustion efficiency of 85 percent, Compliance+HE-AB Series boilers are equipped with Power Flame NOVA Plus II Ultra Low-NOx gas burners capable of sub-9-ppm operation. The boilers' high efficiency comes from an integrated extended-surface heat extractor and is supported by 7 sq ft of heating surface per boiler horsepower. These forced-draft, gas-fired water boilers run at normal operating temperatures.
Bryan Steam LLC
Circle 104


Useful in applications such as air conditioning, commercial refrigeration, and heat pumps, Universal motor-starting relays are wire-for-wire replacements for standard potential relays that operate single-phase motors with a voltage range of 110 to 502 vac. Differential-voltage-sensing technology ensures exact starting voltage.
ICM Controls Corp.
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Capable of storing up to 20 readings and measuring non-contact and contact temperatures, the wide-range 42515-T infrared thermometer is useful for HVAC applications. Emissivity is manually adjustable, and a backlit liquid-crystal display provides easy-to-read measurements. An adjustable high/low alarm alerts users visually and audibly when temperatures exceed programmed limits.
Extech Instruments
Circle 106


Because automatic liquid-filtration systems' zero-gravity filter elements open during backwash, particles cannot jam in the gap of the usual fixed-wedge wire screen. A permanent stainless-steel filter element with raised ridges on the coil's surface ensures absolute filtration ratings from 25 to 400 microns while eliminating the operating costs of disposable filters.
Zero Gravity Filters
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Available to serve commercial buildings, schools, airports, hospitals, and other cooling/heating applications, water-to-water and air-to-water heat-pump chillers from Continental produce chilled water during summer and hot water during winter, consuming approximately 50-percent less energy. From 40 to 400 tons, more than 40 factory-mounted options are available.
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Providing humidity control for small-area applications, HPR Series dehumidifiers remove up to 7 lb of moisture per hour. These portable units use an evaporator coil to remove moisture and a second reheat coil to warm supply air and prevent overcooling of a space.
Desert Aire
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Circulatic steam generators now incorporate linkageless controls and communications capabilities. The linkageless controls offer improved combustion, fuel savings through improved efficiencies, and reliability with the elimination of mechanical linkages.
Vapor Power International LLC
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Available in four sizes from 1.5 to 11 million Btu, Pro-Fire V gas, light-oil, and combination-fuel burners offers turndowns of up to 10-to-1 on natural gas and the option for sub-30-ppm operation throughout the firing range. The burners are useful with watertube boilers in commercial and industrial applications.
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