Longtime HPAC Engineering Editorial Advisory Board member and past ASHRAE president William J. “Bill” Coad died Aug. 9.

William J. “Bill” CoadCoad was president of St. Louis-based Coad Engineering Enterprises Inc. and past chairman/chief executive officer of McClure Engineering.

“Over the years, many of us were fortunate to have worked with and learned from Bill,” McClure Engineering said in a statement. “He will be greatly missed. Bill loved his work, and he was involved in so many things—his consulting business, his software business, ASHRAE, writing books and articles, and being on the board of two international corporations.

“His dedication, passion, and drive were amazing,” the statement continued. “We can all only hope to be as active as he was for so long. Bill was part of a ski group. This past December was the first year he didn’t go skiing in many, many years, which means he skied until he was 81 years old.”

Over the years, many of us were fortunate to have worked with and learned from Bill.

-McClure Engineering

Coad’s positions with ASHRAE included national president (2001-2002), vice president, and treasurer, as well as member of the board of directors and numerous technical committees and task groups. He received ASHRAE’s Distinguished Service Award in 1980, the Crosby Field Award for the best paper published by ASHRAE in 1985, the Louise & Bill Holladay Distinguished Fellow Award in 1989, the award for Best Journal Article in 1991, ASHRAE’s highest award for technical achievement—the F. Paul Anderson Award—in 1996, the Exceptional Service Award in 2001, and the Andrew T. Boggs Service Award in 2002.

For 29 years, Coad taught mechanical engineering at his alma mater, Washington University in St. Louis.

In addition to two books, Coad authored numerous articles on engineering philosophy and building environmental systems, including, for 15 years, a monthly column in HPAC Engineering titled “Fundamentals to Frontiers.”

For more of Coad’s professional accomplishments, read his biographical sketch at http://coadengineering.com/wjc_bio.php.