The use of refrigeration for maintaining comfortable living conditions in the home during extremes of summer heat will be a development of the very near future. It will be an improvement which can be applied to the home of the average man as well as to that of the wealthy. The application of thermal equipment for comfort in the home is of more importance than for office buildings or theaters, yet it has received far less engineering attention.

The home of the future will, in my opinion, be heated largely by air warmed directly by a gas or an oil-fired furnace, the warm air being distributed by noiseless, low-pressure fans. Such furnaces can now be built of rust-proof, light-weight steel at a relatively low cost, and will operate with an efficiency of approximately 90 per cent under all conditions. With this type of heating it is a relatively simple matter to attach air cooling by refrigeration, permitting the entire equipment to be located centrally in the basement.

Gas affords a suitable means for the production of such refrigeration. Some safe and simple absorption system may be developed, or an ejector type of system, using water as a refrigerant, may be the ultimate design; but, in any case, I venture to predict that it will soon be possible to press a button and place your house-heating system in operation under automatic control or to press another button to start your house-cooling system, as required.

This will bring the benefits and comforts of the mountains or seashore to our homes in summer, as well as the climate of Florida and other warm localities to our dwellings in winter.