The use of refrigeration in connection with air conditioning is growing apace. Motion picture theaters have found that air conditioning with refrigeration not only gives comfort to the patrons in summer, but, instead of showing an operative loss, has made the summer months the most profitable part of the year. People flock in to become cool and be comfortable as well as to see the show. At present, only a very small percentage of the total theaters are thus equipped. Eventually all theaters having a capacity of over a thousand seats will, of necessity, be equipped with air conditioning and refrigeration.Carrier Engineering Corp. advertisement from the May 1929 issue of Heating Piping and Air Conditioning

The larger department stores have found air conditioning essential to an effective campaign for summer sales. In fact, it is a producer of sales the year around. The Hudson stores of Detroit, Mich., were pioneers in this field. The installation in their basement required a capacity of six hundred tons of refrigeration, or the equivalent of fifty truck loads of ice in ten hours of operation during the hottest summer day. Their new building, which is now just being completed, will require practically twice this amount. Banks and offices are finding that air conditioning, with refrigeration for summer, is desirable. It is presumed that many other industries will eventually find such applications to their advantage.