Air conditioning may thus be classed with industrial electrification, automatic labor saving machinery, and increased transportation facilities, as one element contributing to the present day prosperity of the people of these United States.

Cover of the May 1929 issue of Heating Piping and Air ConditioningPerhaps the most striking way of visualizing the economic contributions of air conditioning to the country's wealth and prosperity is to state, as we may be permitted to do on the foregoing basis, that it actually increases the average purchasing capacity of every man, woman and child in the United States twelve cents a year. Furthermore, taking into account the relative growth of air conditioning with respect to population and amortization of equipment, we may expect that the effect of this art upon the purchasing capacity of the American people will double every six years for some time to come. That is, in eighteen years from the present time, air conditioning may be expected to put into the pocketbook of each and every person in the United States annually one additional dollar.

From the standpoint of possible industrial economy, air conditioning is in its infancy. Air conditioning in conjunction with improved equipment has made it possible for one cigarette manufacturer to increase the output of his automatic machines four fold. During a temporary shutdown of air conditioning equipment in the factory of a prominent silk manufacturer, the lack of air conditioning reduced production 27 per cent. Never before had this manufacturer appreciated the significance of this new science.

The researches of the American Society of Heating and Ventilating Engineers at its laboratory in Pittsburgh, have studied the effects of temperature, humidity and air motion in relation to human comfort so that such applications are now placed on the basis of an exact science, and the effects which may be expected from air conditioning equipment are readily determined. This may be said to be one of the outstanding achievements of the research work of this society and it is becoming recognized in scientific circles throughout the world.